Men’s Jacksonville Jaguars Jalen Ramsey Nike Olive Salute To Service Limited Jersey

The recent revival of the Arthur’s Fist meme has finally made its way to the NFL. Over the last week or two, the Cleveland Cavaliers have had a unique way of bringing the meme back into the social media sphere — it started with a few cryptic posts on Instagram by LeBron James, which led to the entire team embracing the meme. It blew up to the point that J.R. Smith decided to sell hats with the aardvark’s fist on them.

The whole thing has been incredibly silly, as a meme that comes from a cartoon is now something of a symbol of unity for the three-time defending Eastern Conference champions. And now, one of the NFL’s most outspoken players is using this as a way to have some fun in anticipation of his team’s game against Cleveland.

Jacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey is busting out these custom Jordan 13 kicks, and they are spectacular.

Ramsey has shown that he’s one of the best aggravators that the NFL has right now — he’s so adept at poking the bear that he got put into a chokehold by the usually stoic A.J. Green earlier this season. Apparently, he’s moved on to a bigger target, and wants to prod LeBron and co. in a way that is kind of hilarious.

Few would disagree that Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is one of the most stylish players in the game, both on and off the field. That said, his latest pair of gameday cleats may take the cake for the best of the year.
Yes, before you ask, that is a pair of Jordan 13 cleats with the infamous “Arthur Fist” painted on them.

As most casual sports fans are aware, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was the latest sports figure to make the fist a trending topic after posting the image on Instagram with the caption “Mood…” tied with it. Some automatically assumed that the post was in reference to the success of James’ former teammate in Celtics guard Kyrie Irving, but he explained that the post was more of a celebratory thing in which he compared the “Arthur Fist” to your everyday fist pump. That said, we’ll leave it up to you all at home to judge if that was really the case.

As for Ramsey, there obviously is a degree of trolling that is going into the cleats as they take on the Browns in Cleveland today. But when you walk the walk and talk the talk as he has, you can get away with the comedic antics we’ve seen out of Ramsey.

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